Mental Freedom

What does Mental Freedom mean to you? Maybe you’re looking for less stress or a way to quiet your mind. Perhaps you are searching for a way to end depression or anxiety. Whatever it is that brought you to this site, know that there is help to be found. This site is set up to address a range of topics which can be found on the left hand side of the screen.

My name is Chris Ginsburg and I’m the author of Mental Freedom. For most of my adult life I have had a deep passion for helping others. My journey has led me through positions in treatment facilities and most recently working with children and families in the community. It’s my honor to reach out and offer 100% free articles and resources to you. You won’t find any hidden agendas, pop up ads or articles written only to sell you something. If I’m promoting or offering anything for you to buy, it will only be because I believe it will be of use to you.

Although there are many categories discussed on this site, spirituality is at the forefront of most articles. While there are a great many sites that will offer you step by step instructions to improve your life, I feel that we must understand our deepest motivations and hindrances before making any steps. The steps you make at that point will be yours and yours alone.

Many articles here are 1500 words or more. You won’t find quick articles telling you to just be happy or or to stop complaining and do this or do that. What this site will offer you are ways to uncover subconscious blocks that are preventing you from succeeding, feeling confident or generally obstructing your daily life. Feel free to read a little now, bookmark the site and come back later.

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This site will help you:

  • Discover your inspiration and meaning in life
  • To feel more comfortable about making changes in your life with applicable suggestions and insight.
  • Regain control over your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
  • Overcome common problems like depression, anxiety, insomnia, low energy and destructive habits.
  • Purge negativity from your life in all it’s forms.
  • Discover helpful products or services you may not have been aware of.
  • Step out of the past and release all of the unnecessary baggage that comes with dwelling on what you can not change.


Chris Ginsburg