Reality Is A Dream- Subjective Reality Explained

Reality Is A Dream- Subjective Reality Explained

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In my previous article regarding subjective reality I discussed how reality is effectively a projection of your consciousness. Please take a look if you haven’t already as much of what I’m mentioning in this article might appear too far out to accept. If it doesn’t make sense or you think I have finally fallen off the deep end, give yourself time to examine what I’m talking about and arrive at your own conclusions.

This article was a result of an overwhelming sense of clarity which I had this morning after waking up. Many questions I still had lingering in my mind regarding subjective reality were answered one after another. I literally rolled out of bed and wrote what you see here word for word by hand. Every bit of it rings just as true for me now at 10pm and I suspect for days, weeks and years to come. Keep in mind throughout the article that just because I describe reality as most people know it as a dream does not mean it does not look, feel, taste, touch, smell and seem real in every way. Then again, we have optical illusions, lab created tastes, 3d TV’s and eight hour long experiences each night that appear every bit as real as anything in so called reality. In any case, I leave you with the unaltered text from this morning.

Reality Is A Dream

Because what we call reality is ultimately only a dream, explanations as to how and why things happen are inevitably flawed because there are no explanations beyond our beliefs, expectations and manner of perception. These three components are the core of our dream experience. The dream can only be altered by accessing one or more of these three components. However, to alter the dream is not to awaken from the dream.

Because physical reality is part of the illusion, we do not exist individually as physical beings. Within a dream everyone exists both as their own separate selves and also as a part of the whole. In such a way we are able to see others as existing in their own right and also as part of us.

To judge the dream or any people, circumstances or aspects of the dream serves only to fall more deeply into the dream. Because all people, places and things are ultimately pieces of us- we can not judge others without judging ourselves. We see separation only so long as it is necessary to heal the parts of the whole. When you think of your physical existence you do not name each organ in your body. You simply acknowledge your existence in a body. When a part of the body is ill you become fragmented. You focus your attention on that organ or area. However, you do so only as long as the illness persists and then you return to a sense of wholeness once again.

We can not awaken from the dream as a separate being. We are part of the whole. Our own awakening is to embody the person who whispers wisdom into the ears of others. To awaken to the truth is to be conscious of the dream itself. To awaken is to experience a lucid dream of epic proportions. Lucid dreaming while what we call “asleep” is merely a dream within a dream. True lucid dreaming is to awaken to what really is.

To become aware that we are constantly perceiving a dream world is not a free ticket to harm, judge or punish others in any way without consequence. Because others and everything are ultimately a part of you, there is no escaping the fact that harming your dream world in any way is to harm yourself.

When the term “harm” is mentioned it is not in reference to anything of a physical nature. You may be able to physically harm others and never be hurt physically in return. You can not however, harm others with the intent to cause suffering without also experiencing suffering on a level that extends beyond physical reality. Suffering of the soul, the self, the spirit or any other name you wish to assign it.

Love is our true nature. To love each other is to awaken to our wholeness. There are many paths to love but only one path to awakening. Our free will extends as far as how we may show our love but not to awaken in any way other than to love each other. To hear that there is only one path may invoke thoughts of control or skepticism. Know that it is less a path and more of a reconnection with all the pieces of the puzzle. To open your heart to love is to open your mind to clarity. To be able to see things as they are. I suspect none of this sounds new to you but in another way it is. This is because to awaken to the power of love is not to discover its power for the first time. To know the power of love is to remember a long lost secret which you thought you had all but forgotten.

Your “mind” as you perceive it is the medium between both the dream world and your true nature. Your mind is not you but rather the looking glass in which you use to experience the dream. Think of your mind as the helmet you place over your head in order to experience a virtual reality simulator. You can not experience the dream without your mind. The mind is in fact the only part you do need to experience the dream. A man who lives his life in a coma may die feeling he lived a life just as fully as someone who has achieved greatness in “reality”. Both persons feeling equally positive about their experiences being completely real. The comparison is not perfect but neither are words when describing that which can not be fully described through communication.

To experience love for yourself and others is to know infinite peace and happiness. The mind can not experience love. The mind can only experience joy and stimulation. Both are short lived and often dependent on finite resources and the exploitation of others or other parts of the dream world. Because of this, our pursuit of joy which we mistake for true happiness often results in increased suffering.

When we perceive true love or true happiness we experience it from a place not of the mind. This is common knowledge. However, because the mind is relentless in its desire for control, we are often fooled to think that in the absence of love and happiness that the mind has the answers we seek. What is most often necessary is to lay the mind to rest and use it sparingly. It is not as omnipotent as it would have us believe.

As you begin to remember what a state of love feels like you will see your dream world transform around you. Just as the intent to cause suffering always produces suffering in those who intend it, so does the intent to heal others also heal the one who intends healing. This is a healing that brings with it both emotional well being as well as an awakening to the truths of the dream world. To awaken in a world of dreamers is to know that nothing is out of your reach and that nothing can truly harm you.



  1. Fred Tracy
    Mar 4, 2011

    Enlightening article, to say the least. Yours is one of the few sites I read word-for-word. I love that you are authentic in your style. You aren’t afraid to be long winded to get a point across, and your use of metaphors is just awesome.

    I was just about to go outside to meditate when I came across this. I’ll make an effort to really feel the love while I’m doing so. Nice one, Chris.

  2. Elaine O'Regan-Lloyd
    Mar 11, 2011

    Beautiful article Chris, filled with a lot of truth. Happy to see your lovely site.

  3. Toni
    Apr 7, 2011

    this is a heavy article. the thing that comes to “mind” is when we surrender and stay in the now, all that is, is. happy journey!

  4. Definitely an intense article to say the least. I’ve often heard that death is often like waking from a dream.

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