What Is Mental Freedom All About?

What Is Mental Freedom All About?

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This morning I felt that the concept of “mental freedom” deserves more of an explanation. Not just to fully explain what I am doing with this site, but to fully elaborate on what I believe mental freedom to be. I would encourage you to read this article from start to finish, with an open mind for best absorption of what I will try to relate to you.

  • So what is mental freedom?
  • Is mental freedom just another new age catch phrase?
  • Is this guy wasting my time right now? :)

Let me start from the beginning…

For most of my life I had adopted a mindset of mistrust, fear and resentment. This mindset was fueled by thoughts that continually distanced me from attaining peace, meaningful relationships and a sense of true purpose. Looking back on it now, it really seems like common sense that I was continuously pushing a wedge between myself and my dreams.

From this mindset I developed a belief that foolishly led me to believe that I was a sort of one man army. I didn’t think I needed anyone else for much of anything. In fact, I even kept my friends at a safe distance because I thought that opening myself up to others would just lead to eventual rejection or be read as a sign of weakness. So I pushed on with this belief and every day that I allowed my mind to entertain these thoughts of fear, mistrust and resentment, I solidified their power over me.

The power of my thoughts became so real that I began to become unaware of their presence most of the time. I think you will find that this is most often the case with habitual thinking whether it is of a positive or negative nature.

As you can probably imagine, this type of thinking only bred more mistrust, fear and resentment in my life. These weren’t really qualities that aligned with my goals. I say this because even though I was consumed by negativity, my goals still remained positive. I think this is a very frequent occurrence for most people. A common example would be someone who believes that money is the root of all evil but still yearns and desires to be rich. This creates a massive conflict in your mind that you can think of as an impenetrable cement wall between you and ultimately achieving wealth.

The way I was living my life began to manifest itself in the form of depression, anxiety and a desire to escape a nightmare created by myself. Many people complain about having a poor memory or a clouded mind. For me, I truly believe that I began to subconsciously and consciously cloud my mind on purpose in an attempt to relieve how I felt. An intentional desire to become numb you could say.

Fast Forward A Bit…

I would like to be able to give full credit to myself for my initial inspiration to change and essentially “wake up” but I would be lying. As silly as it sounds, the moment for me was when I opened a beaten up little paper back book in the library written by a man over 100 years ago. Within ten minutes I had come to realize that the cause of all my frustration, misery and fear was all produced by me and not by the external. This was a bit scary in itself because this meant that I could no longer go around saying “that guy really pissed me off” or “man, that event has ruined my day”. Ultimately the credit of changing my life is mine but the book gave me the tools I had been searching for.

Once you shift your mind from operating the way you think it should, you will find yourself saying “how did I not realize this sooner??”

When you have nobody but yourself to blame, it no longer feels like you are fighting through a crowd of people who are holding you back. It feels like you possess great power within you that can either serve to fuel you straight to the top of a mountain or bury you into the deepest depths of the ocean.

You are only limited by what you believe to be your limitations. It is by no mistake that there are real stories of super human feats such as mothers lifting cars off children or people swimming across oceans. These people are not relatives of super man. They were just like you or I. The only difference is where and why they decided to wake up. It is a process of breaking yourself down piece by piece and then building yourself back up stronger than before.

Nobody Can Give You Mental Freedom

Forget the people promising that they can make you into “xxxx”. Just completely forget it. Nobody has the power to shape you into anything. The best anyone can do for you is to give you the tools to accomplish what you desire. Think about people who win the lottery for a moment. Statistically, most of these people end up miserable and broke. Is this because money is cursed or because of these people’s belief system. Finding great wealth thrown on your lap does not change what you believe about money. You are not suddenly going to believe that it is not evil or be able to snap out of a “needing” mindset. In fact, you are more likely to spend it all just to return to your comfort zone. This is not necessarily a conscious thought mind you.

Mental freedom is a product of always having hope and determination. If you are feeling depressed, anxious, angry, happy or ecstatic it is because of you and only you. It is in this understanding that we discover the key to let ourselves out of the jail cell in our mind. If you possess mental freedom, you will always be free no matter what your physical restrictions.

Mental Freedom Is Not Restricted To Social Class, Age Or Any Other Irrelevant Classification

Have you ever met someone who just looks like all tension has been released from their mind and body long ago?

As if you can look into their eyes and simply tell that they have achieved A very real sense of peace?

These people are usually not the people who have gotten handouts their whole life or escaped devastating circumstances and failures. If these people are wealthy, it is usually because they have realized their potential and overcame tremendous obstacles through creativity, inspiration and unwavering determination.

If there was ever a time to acknowledge that inspiration and determination transcend age, it is now. There have been more young entrepreneurs than ever before who have realized their potential. Mark Zuckerberg and the profound popularity of Facebook are physical proof of the power of these qualities.

On the other end of the spectrum there are a vast number of homeless people. Some miserable and fully engulfed in negative thinking and some who find their freedom to be priceless. Their situation is certainly difficult but difficult in a different way from our modern day difficulties. It is in their thinking that they are free. They have understood that the external does not create the internal.

So Where Are You In Your Process To Find Mental Freedom?

Ask yourself if you spend more time worrying about things that will be irrelevant 5,10,15 years down the road than you do opening yourself up to new experiences and appreciating the here and now. Ask yourself if you feel as if your life has rigid limitations that are holding you back. Ask yourself if you’ve been making excuses for living a life that is anything less than what you want it to be. Ask yourself if you are prepared to meet defeat in order to achieve success.

When you are ready to approach these questions with the utmost honesty, you will know where you stand and what you must do. Sometimes it feels like you have just woken up from a slumber all your life and sometimes it feels like nothing less than a miracle. Whatever it feels like to you, the first step is to be brutally honest with yourself. Through this honesty, mental freedom is sure to become a reality.


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